Marlins' fans wearing bags on their heads.

It’s been a turbulent offseason for the under-new-management Miami Marlins, who have taken a lot of flak for their Derek Jeter-led roster teardown, their behavior towards team employees, and even their broadcast booth changes. And, judging by Opening Day, having the season actually underway may not solve anything for them.

The Marlins were hosting the Chicago Cubs in the first game of the season, and Cubs’ lead-off batter Ian Happ (the 23-year-old center fielder who was playing in his first Opening Day game) drilled the first pitch of the 2018 season (from Marlins’ starter Jose Ureña) over the wall:

That led to a pretty good tweet from the Cubs:

Oh, and the follow-through of Happ’s swing hit Marlins’ catcher Chad Wallach in the head:

And things got worse for the Marlins from there, with that first inning going just horribly for Ureña:

The three hit batters was a record for a starter in an Opening Day game:

The Cubs scored three runs in that first inning, with the third coming when Ureña hit Javier Baez with a pitch, leading to Anthony Rizzo coming in. Oh, and before that, Ureña walked Jason Heyward on four pitches with the bases loaded to score the second run. Ureña only got out of the inning by having opposing pitcher Jon Lester, the ninth batter, ground out.

And the fans in Miami are already unhappy:

Things got a little better for the Marlins after this, as they scored a run in the bottom of the first and then three in the third to tie the game at four (the Cubs added a run of their own in the second). The Cubs retook the lead in the fourth, though. And regardless of how this game ends, it certainly didn’t start well for Miami. And given their massive roster teardown, a lot of their season may go this way.

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