The Joc PedersonTommy Pham beef keeps getting more amazing.

To recap the events heading into Saturday evening, Pham (Cincinnati Reds outfielder) slapped Pederson (San Francisco Giants outfielder) across the face during batting practice before Friday’s Giants-Reds game, with the drama stemming from a fantasy football league disagreement.

On Friday night, Pederson went into detail about the fantasy football dispute that led up to Pham slapping him.

And earlier on Saturday, Pham was suspended for three games by Major League Baseball for the altercation.

Pham also explained his side of the story. The veteran outfielder admitted that he slapped Pederson, adding that Pederson “said some sh*t that [Pham doesn’t] condone,” and that in the league’s group chat, Pederson made “disrespectful” comments about Pham’s former team, the San Diego Padres.

Additionally, Pham — who referred to himself as a “big dog” and “high roller” in Las Vegas — said that there was “too much money on the line” and Pederson “was messing with [Pham’s] money.”

There’s so much to this hard-to-believe, comical situation, but that mostly catches us up to Saturday evening.

Well, after Saturday’s Giants-Reds game in Cincinnati, Pederson even showed the media receipts — and a GIF mocking the Padres — from the fantasy football league’s group text exchange that angered Pham. This is (more) amazing content from the feud:

Incredible. This whole thing just keeps getting better and better.

Here’s a look at how baseball fans are reacting to the group text exchange:

[Photo Credit: NBC Sports Bay Area]

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