Joe West entered Tuesday on quite a hot streak, having ejected Joc Pederson on Monday. That was West’s third ejection in as many days, as he hit a double on Saturday, running White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson and manager Rick Renteria.

Maybe West is making up for lost time at the end of the 2018 season; he’d only had two ejections before Saturday. Tonight’s display at Chase Field would support that notion.

As the game was getting started, West took it upon himself to instruct camera operators on how to do their jobs. FOX Sports Arizona analyst Bob Brenly took the opportunity to knock the hanger out of the park.

It really is amazing!

Brenly made another salient point later in the broadcast:

“Priorities. I guess it’s just all about priorities,” Brenly adds in the 6th inning. “What’s the most important thing you can do as an umpire? Is (it) to make sure the cameras are where they’re supposed to be? Wait.”

West remains the king of the #umpshow, and it’s hard to imagine the game not being better off when he finally retires. When you end up the less reasonable end of an exchange with Bob Brenly, you’re in real trouble.

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  1. And if a ball had hit that camera, or affected the D-Backs, the first thing Brenly would have said is that West is a lousy umpire for not realizing the camera could interfere with play.

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