The Mariners' dugout against the A's on Sept. 2.

Emotions sometimes run high in professional sports, and that sometimes even leads to fights with teammates, something we see every so often in football or hockey practices. In a baseball clubhouse, though? That’s a little stranger, but apparently that’s what some Seattle Mariners’ players got up to Tuesday while manager Scott Servais was still out on the field, with Mariners’ center fielder Dee Gordon asking media to leave and then a fight breaking out:

Divish, the Mariners’ beat writer for the Seattle Times, tweeted that this apparently does happen more often than you’d think, though:

Meanwhile, as per KJR’s Crabtree, Servais said afterwards that the fight was “unfortunate,” but “something that happens”:

So there may not be any further discipline from this. But it’s definitely unusual to see a team involved in a playoff race doing this. The Mariners are 77-61 at the moment, and 5.5 games back of the second wild-card spot (currently held by their AL West rivals, the 83-56 Oakland A’s, who split a series with them 2-2 this past weekend). And Seattle has what looks like a pretty winnable game Tuesday night against the 40-98 Baltimore Orioles. We’ll see if the pre-game fight winds up hurting the Mariners or not.

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  1. Then they went and played like crap against Baltimore so what else is new for this sorry team

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