MLB infielder Matt Duffy was traded from the San Francisco Giants to the Tampa Bay Rays on Monday. If you’re not familiar with the two cities, the climates are quite different. San Francisco is much cooler, while Tampa is much more hot, and humid.

So Duffy, who has a cat named Skeeter, told MLB Network Radio that he won’t be bringing his cat because it’s too hot and humid for the feline, who is a pretty big guy:


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Skeeter will be staying with Duffy’s parents out on the west coast, and can you really blame him? For one, the weather is San Francisco is much more bearable. Not to mention Duffy won’t be around much during the season with all of the traveling involved.

Skeeter is making the right choice, and it’s cool of Duffy to not be selfish about it.

[MLB Network Radio]

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