Texas Rangers celebrate after beating the Houston Astros in Game 7 of the ALCS. Photo Credit: Fox

The Houston Astros faced off against the Texas Rangers in Game 7 of the ALCS on Monday night. And they were thoroughly dominated in the game, which some fans are saying is due to the “Ted Cruz curse”.

For those confused about the supposed curse that Texas Senator Ted Cruz is involved with, he has attended four home postseason games for the Astros coming into Monday’s game. In those games, the Astros were 0-4…

Monday’s game was much of the same, as the Astros barely got out of the gates before the game was essentially over. Rangers star outfielder Adolis García was the difference maker offensively, recording four hits on the day including two home runs.

The lead was as much as 8 runs for the Rangers in this game. And they were able to win the game 11-4 to advance to their first World Series since 2011.

Houston simply didn’t come to play in this game where it mattered most. And Astros fans upset with the result blamed the “Ted Cruz curse” for this latest devastating loss.

Astros fans who believed in the alleged curse even pleaded with him before the game not to go to Game 7. However, Cruz via a spokesperson instead claimed that he had a “legendary record supporting the Astros in their biggest victories”

Truth be told, it’s hard to fault Cruz, who is a loyal Astros fan, for attending the game. But it certainly is wild that the team struggled so much while he was in attendance this postseason.

Regardless, Astros fans are now convinced that this curse is very real…

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