J.R. Smith

Cleveland is basking in the glow of the Cavaliers’ championship at Wednesday’s parade, and the city has practically shut down to celebrate the occasion. However, no one is enjoying themselves more than Cavs guard J.R. Smith.

It was obvious from the moment Sunday’s game ended that Smith would be in rare form after his first championship, and so far he has lived up to the hype. Smith stole the show at the team’s brief pit stop in Las Vegas and upon its return home, with the championship parade still to come.

For a brief moment Wednesday, it seemed Smith might be a bit more low-key for the parade. He actually arrived with his shirt on for the first time in days.

But before you get disappointed, Smith quickly lived up to his own lofty expectations and then some. First, he shed that ridiculous shirt.

A fun, if not unexpected start to Smith’s day. He even inspired Kyrie Irving to join #teamnoshirt while chugging from a bottle of champagne.

When it came time for the actual motorcade, Smith was far from finished. By the way, it appears he is still wearing the same shorts he wore for Game 7.

Once the parade finally got near the biggest crowds, that is when the real fun began. No more riding in the truckbed for J.R., no sir. The people need to see their hero on full display.

Smith also decided to take advantage of his newfound platform to announce his interest in a run for office.

The people of Cleveland apparently appreciated the idea of a Smith White House so much that they began thrusting their children upon J.R. for his blessing, and Smith, the benevolent leader he is, obliged.



Speaking of Simba, here is that same video with music from The Lion King accompanying it.

Strap in folks and get ready for the Summer of J.R. It’s gonna be lit.

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