LeBron James recently signed a lifetime deal with Nike, the first of its kind, and the biggest in the company’s history.

After the Cavaliers’ game against the Celtics on Tuesday night, LeBron fielded a question from a reporter. As the reporter asked James about Under Armour, LeBron cut the reporter off, replying with, “Who?”

James finished putting off the question by saying,  “I only know Nike. That’s it. Lifetime.”

The exact amount as to how much that the contract was worth was never disclosed, but it is surely lucrative.

With LeBron acting like he had never heard of Under Armour, some have taken that as not just a knock on the company, but as one on their biggest star, Stephen Curry.

LeBron is clearly Nike’s biggest star, and to have the two face off on Christmas Day will be somewhat of a battle of the brands. While Nike is infinitely more popular in the basketball world, Under Armour has the game’s most popular athlete today in Steph Curry.

Either way, smack talk or no smack talk, the rematch of the 2015 NBA Finals is going to be one of the best Christmas gifts that anyone could ask for. Expect both superstars to bring the best that they have to offer.

About Harry Lyles Jr.

Harry Lyles Jr. is an Atlanta-based writer, and a Georgia State University graduate.