The Cavs beat the Raptors on Friday night to clinch the Eastern Conference title and a return to the NBA Finals. It was a pretty triumphant victory given that Cleveland stumbled at times during the regular season, fired their coach, replaced him with a rookie and saw themselves surpassed by the Warriors as the NBA’s most compelling franchise. Meanwhile, the trip to the finals will be the sixth straight for LeBron James and James Jones, making them the first players to accomplish that feat since Bill Russell’s Celtics.

All of that means the Cavs were popping champagne Friday night, right?

Not quite.

Just a few guys standing around throwing water at each other? What gives?

LeBron, please explain.

Hey Cavs, no one thought to get some champagne? Not like you were heavily favored against an inferior team in a situation where a win sends you to the finals or anything. Presumably if LeBron James wants champagne on hand for a post-game celebration, the team can make that happen pretty quickly.

Oh, by the way, Kevin Love’s quip about chocolate milk is actually a shameless plug. That kind of makes it less funny, but at the same time, get that paper Kevin.

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