THe Warriors' drawing of Draymond Green.

It wouldn’t be the NBA if social media posts weren’t endlessly discussed, dissected and cracked wise about, and the latest on that front comes from the Golden State Warriors’ official Twitter account. On Christmas, they sent out a “Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays” tweet, but one that happened to have a drawing of forward Draymond Green that made him look pretty pudgy. And Twitter roasted it like a turkey, particularly making jokes about the Green-Kevin Durant flare-up earlier this year (which ultimately led to the team suspending Green for a game). Here’s the original tweet:

The expression really adds to it, too, as that Draymond looks set to embrace a whole turkey or something. Or maybe stand on the deck of the Titanic. Here are some of the best Twitter responses this sparked:

Even Dan Le Batard and Rich Eisen got in on the commentary here:

That’s all pretty funny, unless you’re Green. But fortunately for the Warriors (and unfortunately for their Christmas opponents, the Los Angeles Lakers), the real Green hasn’t eaten nearly as much Christmas dinner as his drawn counterpart.

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