Laser pointer usage during Baylor-Rice.

The Baylor Bears beat the Rice Owls 21-13 on the road Saturday, but much of the discussion wasn’t about what the teams did on the field, but what the fans shone onto the field. That would be laser pointers; there were multiple stoppages of play over laser pointers being shone on the field, and investigations into who was shining them.

The announcers (Dave Ryan and Corey Chavous on CBSSN) also apparently blamed Baylor for the lasers over their color, which seems like odd logic, as Bears’ players were being targeted:

This isn’t the first time that laser pointer usage has interrupted a sporting event; we’ve seen it a number of times before, including with a Houston Rockets-Utah Jazz game in 2016, a NFL game in Mexico City later that year, and this same Baylor-Rice game that year. But it’s interesting to see this happen multiple times during a college football game, and to see the officials have to address it.

[The Dallas Morning News, photo via Timothy Burke on Twitter]

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