Usually it’s a player who gets in trouble using social media, but this time a coach is in hot water for his reaction to a situation that happens all the time in modern college football.

After quarterback recruit Tate Martell took to Twitter to decommit from Texas A&M, receivers coach Aaron Moorehead went on minutes later to talk about loyalty and while not specifically mentioning Martell’s name, the timing would surely suggest that was the case.

This was Martell’s original tweet saying that he was decommitting.

And Moorehead’s tweet just six minutes after Martell.

Moorehead claims he wasn’t talking about Martell and the situation was due to bad timing. But then at the same time, kind of directs that point back to Martell while saying it wasn’t. Not easy to do that with only 140 characters.

This caused a stir among other players who just recently committed to Texas A&M and were starting to have second thoughts. Wide receiver Mannie Netherly decommitted and referenced Moorehead as to why he was leaving.

After losing a second player, Moorehead doubled down on his comments tweeting that “society is too sensitive” and people are “soft.”

This caused wide receiver Tyjon Lindsey to decommit.

But not everybody was against Moorehead. Linebacker Ariel Ngata, who hasn’t committed to a team and isn’t looking at Texas A&M, agreed with Moorehead.

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