The Seattle Seahawks‘ decision to trade Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos has sent shockwaves through the NFL world. That includes ESPN’s Mina Kimes, as well as the Arizona Cardinals and their quarterback, Kyler Murray.

Shortly after the trade, Kimes, a Seahawks fan, sent some tweets out bemoaning the trade. The Cardinals — or whoever runs their Twitter account — decided to have some fun with her.

While it’s good natured for sure and a solid roast, Kimes was not about to let it slide.

Arizona’s quarterback situation is anything but settled. It took all of eight minutes for Kimes to respond and when she did, she chose violence.

Kimes reminded the Cardinals not only of Murray’s issues but that he has another sport available to him.

Given that MLB is presently embroiled in a lockout, the timing could be better for Kimes. But that’s a situation she can’t handle. As far as what she could handle, that’s a good response. This round goes to Kimes.

And if you don’t believe us, let’s see what Murray had to say.

That part, as one might expect, got people going.

The Cardinals’ Twitter account has to take the L on this one. The Seahawks’ Twitter account did the same thing earlier in the day. If there’s any comfort for either, misery loves company.

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