Brett Favre talks to Rich Eisen.

Ahead of the premiere of documentary Shocked: A Hidden Factor in the Sports Concussion Crisis on streaming network Stadium Thursday (a documentary that focuses on the surfaces games are played on), former NFL quarterback Brett Favre (an executive producer on the film) went on The Rich Eisen Show on Audience Tuesday to talk about the documentary, concussions and his personal experiences with head injuries during his time in the NFL.

And perhaps most interestingly, Favre said that he’d be happier if his grandsons chose a sport like golf rather than football. Here’s the clip:

The key quote: “I got three grandsons. I’m not going to encourage them to play football, I’m not going to discourage them, but I would much rather be their caddy in golf then watch them play football.” Other notable lines include “There are other parts to this documentary that shed a more fearful look at concussions, as if it hasn’t been bad enough already.”

Of course, Favre has quite the history with concussions. He suffered plenty of hits to the head over his 20-year NFL career, and even had that ended after suffering a concussion while playing for the Minnesota Vikings in 2010. Here’s a trailer for the documentary he’s involved with:

We’ll see how the documentary turns out, and what it has to say overall. But it’s certainly interesting to hear Favre adding his voice to the long list of former NFL players who don’t want their family to be involved in football.

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