Broncos Colts

Anybody who watched Thursday night’s game between the Denver Broncos and the Indianapolis Colts could tell you that the offense for both teams looked broken, stale, and uninspiring. But one absolutely insane stat highlights just how bad the teams were on the offensive side of the ball, particularly in the red zone when it mattered the most.

According to sports reporter Jenna Harner of WPXI, the two teams combined for a shocking -17 red zone yards during Friday night’s game.

“The Colts and Broncos have combined for -17 yards in the red zone tonight. this is a real stat,” Harner said in a Tweet on Thursday night.

Obviously, that atrocious red zone performance from both teams led to quite a low-scoring affair as neither team was able to find the end zone throughout the entire game. In total, the two teams combined for just 21 points all coming on field goals.

It was an abysmal offensive performance highlighted by that absolutely shocking stat, and the NFL world had plenty to say about it on Twitter.

Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson took the blame for his team’s struggles after the game on Thursday, saying he “let the team down” by throwing two interceptions in the game.

[Jenna Harner]