Deshaun Watson Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson was welcomed with cheers during Saturday’s training camp, the first day of practice that was open to fans.

The Cleveland Browns have been waiting for weeks to find out how long quarterback Deshaun Watson will be suspended this NFL season over the sexual assault allegations against him. According to one Browns insider, it sounds like we know when that will probably happen.

The NFL’s ruling from disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson could come early next week, according to Mary Kay Cabot of She is clear to say that there is no guarantee that will happen as “it’s entirely up to Robinson, and she will issue her written decision when she’s ready and not on the NFL’s timetable.”

Watson and Robinson have met multiple times and all signs point to that process being completed. Expectations for the suspension have moved wildly over the last few months, with some saying it could be for the entire season and others saying it could be for just a few games.

Watson and the NFLPA are reportedly prepared to file a federal lawsuit against the NFL if the league ultimately decided on a full-year suspension against the QB.

The Browns have said that their plan is to start Jacoby Brissett if Watson is suspended. However, given that it could last a significant portion of the season, there are some who still think the team would pursue Jimmy Garappolo as an alternative in order to up their chances of winning. The team also recently signed Josh Rosen as a backup option as well.


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