Mar 22, 2022; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Matt Ryan (2) holds a press conference to announce his joining of the team at Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center. Mandatory Credit: Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

By all accounts, the Indianapolis Colts organization is thrilled to have Matt Ryan as their quarterback.

On the same day that franchise owner Jim Irsay praised Ryan for his leadership, head coach Frank Reich told reporters about an attribute of the quarterback’s game that he finds “insane.”

“I always knew he was a great passer, but his accuracy is insane,” Reich said.

Reich went on to compare Ryan’s accuracy to Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers and said that the time he’s spent with Ryan in camp so far has been “incredibly eye-opening.”

It’s hard not to read much of this excitement through the lens of how Irsay and Reich seemed to feel about Ryan’s predecessor, Carson Wentz.

Irsay has been blunt in saying that the team’s trade for Wentz was a “mistake,” one that Reich reportedly apologized for pushing. After spending the early offseason being noncommital about Wentz’s future with the franchise, they traded him to the Commanders before trading to get Ryan from the Falcons.

Reich has previously said that he and Ryan “needed each other” for a fresh start and reboot.

“I think everyone saw from the outside that this is a good fit,” Reich said in March. “People can universally agree you got a guy who’s still playing at a high level with a team and roster that is built to make some noise. We needed each other.”


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