There was much speculation following the 2021-2022 season that Aaron Rodgers could end up on the Denver Broncos next year. Ultimately, Rodgers decided to stay in Green Bay alongside wide receiver Davante Adams, who is reportedly being franchise-tagged by the Packers.

This was some crushing news for the Broncos, and many fans and media members have taken to social media to express just how disappointing they are in Rodgers’ decision.

With Aaron Rodgers’ decision comes a ton of questions for the future of the Broncos at quarterback. It seems like they were really committed to the idea of the two-time defending MVP coming to make them a real contender next season. The team will now need to come up with a timely backup plan for the future.

There are a number of different directions that the team could possibly go. The Seattle Seahawks could be interested in parting ways with Russell Wilson if the return price is good enough. The San Francisco 49ers seem destined to trade quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo this offseason a year after making the NFC Championship game.

Denver can also look to the NFL Draft to fix their issues on a long-term scale. Quarterback Malik Willis is rising quickly up draft boards with an impressive NFL combine, so he could be an option for the Broncos. There has even been some speculation amongst Broncos fans and media that the team could go after another Packers quarterback in second-year player Jordan Love.

There are a number of possibilities that the team can do this offseason at the quarterback position, but it certainly doesn’t change the fact that many are disappointed on Tuesday by Rodgers’ decision.

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