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Trevor Bauer was playing with his drone. Dez Bryant was making soup. What do the two share in common? They both ended up cutting their hand.

The 2016 season has gotten off to a rough start for Dez Bryant, to say the least. He’s been injured, he’s missed team meetings, and he’s fought with the media. Now, Bryant is having trouble making soup.

Bryant told reporters he suffered a minor injury when he cut his finger chopping carrots. The wide receiver said the injury isn’t serious and it didn’t limit him in practice.

At least Bryant wasn’t playing with a drone when this happened? The sports world has dealt with enough drone injuries this month.

The better question is, why would Bryant, who recently signed a five-year $70 million dollar deal, be cutting his own carrots for his own soup? Shouldn’t he have a personal chef? Or why wouldn’t he just heat up some pre-made canned soup?

If the answer is he doesn’t have his own assistant, maybe he should see how Anthony Davis’ search is going.

While Bryant himself may not publicly be looking for an assistant, his coach thinks he maybe should.

Despite injuring his finger, does anyone know if the soup was good?

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