We all have reacted to being quarantined in various ways. Hopefully, however you’re dealing with it, you’re doing it responsibly. One thing some people have done with their downtime is learn a new skill. If you’re stuck at home and not able to work, there’s nothing else to do so learning a new skill can be enriching.

For Atlanta Falcons center Alex Mack, he learned a new skill but did so in an accidental manner. Talking to The Athletic, Mack revealed that he accidentally bought 50 pounds of flour on Amazon and to keep it from going to waste, he bought a book and went on YouTube to learn how to be a baker.

Over the past six weeks, Mack has been showing off what he’s made on Twitter and it seems like he’s enjoying the time.

Mack told The Athletic that he’s “not fanatical about [baking]” and isn’t planning to be a baker when he retires from football but he seems glad to be able to make bread whenever he wants.

Eating too much bread might have a negative impact on his weight and play on the field but Mack noted that he also created a makeshift gym in his garage and works out a couple hours a day. It seems like Alex Mack is really making the most of his downtime.

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