Josh Allen got into an altercation with teammate Jordan Phillips on Saturday during practice

Things got a little testy for the Buffalo Bills during Saturday’s practice. The result was something that the Bills coaches, front office and pretty much anyone involved in the organization does not want to see — Josh Allen in a scuffle.

Allen was hit by defensive tackle Jordan Phillips at the end of a play. He did not like that and got into Phillips’ face. The result was a shoving match, which was naturally quickly broken up.

Quarterbacks getting into it is always notable. This is particularly the case when the quarterback in question is an MVP candidate who signed a contract worth more than a quarter of a billion dollars a year ago.

Naturally, the NFL world had strong reactions to this incident.

Truthfully, this isn’t that big of a deal. While hitting the star quarterback is frowned upon (there’s a reason he’s wearing a red jersey, after all), Phillips’ contact wasn’t particularly excessive. Allen probably did overreact. But having the leader of your team show that he’s willing to mix it up every now and again is probably something that his teammates liked seeing.

Still, we can only guess that the Bills hope this is an isolated incident. While training camp fights do happen, Allen is not someone they want to see going after 340-pound men and in the middle of the inevitable huge dogpile that follows too often.

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