Lamar Jackson

The Baltimore Ravens and former MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson were unable to agree on a contract extension before the start of the 2022-23 season after talks were called an “uphill battle.” But according to one report, it seems that the Ravens were willing to offer Jackson quite a large sum of money in their final offer before negotiations reached a halt.

According to Chris Mortensen, Jackson rejected a six-year contract offer that included $133 million fully guaranteed at signing. As Mortensen points out, that’s more guarantee money than both Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray’s new contracts, but substantially less than the deal Deshaun Watson recently signed with the Cleveland Browns.

According to Mortensen, Jackson rejected the deal because the entire contract was not fully guaranteed, as he sought.

In terms of total money over the six years, Jackson could have earned in excess of $290 million and his average per year would exceed Russell Wilson’s recent deal at $48.5 APY, which did adjust the Ravens final offer but the contract was not fully guaranteed as Jackson sought,” Mortensen said in a follow-up Tweet.

It was a massive offer, but still not quite what Jackson was looking for. And the NFL had plenty to say about the news, with many praising Jackson for sticking to his guns.

By rejecting this contract, Jackson appears to be betting on himself ahead of the 2022-23 NFL season.

[Chris Mortensen]