The Packers aren’t playing until Monday night so I guess the NFL needs to find someone other than Clay Matthews to put out bogus roughing the passer penalties. Today, the unfortunate victim is Chicago Bears linebacker Leonard Floyd, who got a 15 yard penalty for trying to do his job.

Floyd was rushing Dolphins quarterback Brock Osweiler and as Floyd tried to deflect Osweiler’s pass, his arm hit Osweiler’s arm. It might not be the head or the knees but I guess hitting the passing arm is another no-no as the referee threw the flag on Floyd for roughing the passer.

I’m all for safer play and doing things to keep players safe but this is just embarrassing. I never like to play the hyperbole game and say that the league is eventually going to go to flag football but who knows at this point.

I do know that someone is doing a terrible job and it’s either the refs, the league, or both. I pointed out that everyone seems like they’re making up roughing the passer rules as they’re going along and after seeing Floyd’s “hit” on Osweiler and then this double hit on Josh Allen (which wasn’t called), these referees are confirming my theory.

Floyd did earn a penalty for an earlier play on Danny Amendola. It wasn’t performed as clean as someone would do in WWE but it was a decent Pumphandle slam despite the 15 yard penalty.

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