odell beckham jr-new york giants

In the fourth quarter of the Giants’ game against the Eagles on Sunday, Odell Beckham Jr. caught a touchdown pass, corralling the ball with one hand while keeping his feet inbounds near the back corner of the end zone.

It was a great catch, and Beckham celebrated with a pose we have never seen before in the NFL: the peeing dog.

Here’s the catch, which is worth celebrating in its own right.

Beckham was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after his peeing dog act, which seems a bit harsh. If he had actually peed on the Lincoln Financial Field, then maybe that would deserve a penalty, but he just mimed it!

Only minutes later, Beckham scored another touchdown and this time went with a more traditional (and meaningful) celebration, a raised fist.

That celebration was not penalized.

Anyway, Odell is extremely good at this whole catching football thing. As of this writing, late in the fourth quarter, he’s got nine catches for 79 yards and two touchdowns as the Giants lead the Eagles 24-21.

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