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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is once again speaking publicly about “his friend” Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Ever since showcasing a “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker room stall, the 39-year-old has been quiet about commenting on his good buddy, Donald J. Trump. Perhaps, Brady’s silence stemmed from Trump’s xenophobic, racist, sexist, lewd, thin-skinned public persona shown over the last year. When Brady, a high-statured athlete, was asked about Trump’s deplorable “locker room talk” scandal, the Pats quarterback dodged the question like he would a 250-pound linebacker.

Now, Brady is breaking his silence.

Speaking with WEEI, Brady said he didn’t come out and comment on Trump due to the organization’s mentality of not speaking out. Brady did say he’s always had a great time with Trump, who’s been one of his biggest supporters over the years.

“Like I said, I met him, you know, I guess, 16 — 15, 16 years ago. So we’ve just played golf together many, many times and, you know, I’ve always had a good time with him. Like I said, he’s been a friend of mine,  supported our team. He’s been on the Patriots sidelines a lot and always called me after games to encourage me over the course of 15 years. And, you know, so that’s kind of the way it is.”

Whether you’re a Trump supporter or not, there’s no reason Brady can’t be friendly with him. But, ignoring Trump and his campaign’s rhetoric is concerning. Brady has a huge platform to talk about why he supports the presidential candidate, who happens to be his friend, better or worse. He’s under no obligation to talk about it, but considering he’s defending a candidate many, many athletes have spoken out against, it would be fascinating to hear why Brady is in his corner.

I’m not going to lambast Brady for being a friend with Trump. If he’s comfortable knowing what Trump’s said, alleged to have done, and fought against, that’s his prerogative. Politics and sports don’t always mix, but in this case, I’d love to know what Brady truly thinks.

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