Tom Brady

By now, most NFL fans know that Tom Brady was a huge San Francisco 49ers fan growing up.  Brady did, after all, grow up in the Bay area and some even thought he might even play for them one day (still do) so this is a homecoming for Brady but not exactly the homecoming everyone expected.

Brady described what it was like growing up as a 49ers fan.

“We’d sit up there in the nosebleeds. We had four tickets — my mom and dad would go, I would usually go and then one of my sisters would go,” Brady said Thursday of Candlestick, where he fell in love with football. “I was lucky to grow up in the Bay Area at that time. It was just a great time. There were so many great players, it was a great era of football and I loved the 49ers.”

Brady was even a huge fan in college at Michigan, but al that changed when they didn’t draft him.

“I loved them through college, and then when they skipped over me six times [in the draft] I started hating the 49ers, and that’s just the way it went down,” Brady said.

Brady clearly hasn’t forgiven or forgotten that he was passed over by the 9ers and plans to make them pay for their mistake Sunday.


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