Trevor Lawrence

This season, second-year quarterback Trevor Lawrence stepped up for the Jacksonville Jaguars, not only leading them to the postseason with stellar play down the stretch but also helping them beat the Los Angeles Chargers in the Wild Card round despite throwing four first-half interceptions. Now, heading into his third season, Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson has one area in which he can continue to grow: leadership.

“I think the next step for Trevor is just another step in the leadership role,” Pederson said, according to Pro Football Talk. “Last year was probably about learning a new offense, learning to play this game, learning a bunch of different aspects of playing quarterback in the National Football League. We just build on that, that’s the next step, that’s the challenge for him.”

Pederson provided an example that he would like to see Trevor Lawrence follow in the coming years: Patrick Mahomes.

“He’s your leader,” Pederson said. “He knows how to rally. He knows how to get guys together in the offseason and take control of the team. He’s matured in his five or six years in this league and I hope our guy sees it, does it, and we’re in this situation in a couple of years.”

Lawrence is already confident on the field. It sounds like the next step is for him to be confident in the locker room.

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