On Sunday, it seemed as though Von Miller was signaling that he wants to stay with the Los Angeles Rams and “run it back.” On Monday, however, his social media messaging was quite a bit different, implying that he would actually prefer to return to the Denver Broncos.

Monday, the Pro Bowl linebacker, who was traded by the Broncos to the Rams this past season, posted a photo of himself in a Denver uniform, wondering “if they will give me my old locker back.”

Miller then turned to Twitter where he flat-out said “I kinda want that old thing back.” He also added “5280,” which is the elevation number for Denver, often used as a shorthand code for the city.

It’s hard to tell if Miller didn’t get the news he wanted from the Rams after yesterday and decided to shift gears, or if he’s just trying to generate buzz for himself as he figures out where he wants to play. More importantly, as he figures out who wants to sign him.

While Miller won a Super Bowl with the Rams this past season and appears to be very wanted by fellow defender Aaron Donald, he has also said that his heart was in Denver, where he previously won a Super Bowl and spent 11 seasons.

While everyone tries to decipher what is going to happen with Miller, his tweet certainly got the NFL world buzzing.

Now, we wait to see where Miller ends up and whether or not this is a legitimate desire to return to Denver or simply a negotiating tactic to drive his price up with the Rams. You can never quite tell when it comes to contract time in NFL free agency.

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