Peter Budaj’s got one okilly-dokilly new goalie mask.

Debuting the mask on Instagram, artist David Gunnarsson showcased Budaj’s new Ned Flanders-Thor crossover mask.

Without question, the helmet is among the NHL’s most unique looks.

Flanders has long been a favorite of the Czech goaltender. The popular The Simpsons character appeared on his Kings mask sporting a crown before he was dealt to the Tampa Bay Lightning from the L.A. Kings. Flanders was also emblemized on his Montreal Canadiens mask. Furthermore, with the Colorado Avalanche, Budaj sported a ripped Flanders holding the Czech flag. Wherever Budaj lands, Flanders comes with him.

The time, Budaj kicked it up a notch.

Pairing the hammer-wielding God of Thunder with Flanders hilariously works, despite what should be two conflicting fictional characters. Flanders has never looked so menacing as he holds Mjolnir with a look that should strike fear into opponents’ eyes.

Keeping things consistent has helped revitalize Budaj’s career. In 2015-16, the 34-year old spent nearly the entire season toiling in the AHL. This season, Budaj got the call with Jonathan Quick going down with injury and made the most of things, posting 27 wins, 20 losses, a 2.12 goals against average, and a .917 save percentage. Unfortunately, the Kings needed a more proven presence between the pipes and included Budaj in the Ben Bishop deal.

Flanders will look to bring Budaj some luck as he starts for Tampa tonight against the New York Rangers.


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