Here’s a cake that’s supposed to look like Donald Trump.

It does the job, in that it’s a horrifying visage:

Good heavens that’s frightening. It’s fun to imagine who thought that a 3-D goblin bust cake would be exactly what a rally needed. People poked the requisite amount of fun at it, including comparing it, aptly, to Arsenal’s manager, Arsene Wenger:

But, I want to focus on another potential outcome of that cake picture:

I had this exact same thought! All the requisites are in place for a new meme. Goofy facial image. Plenty of recognition. Symbolic (hopefully!) of sadness. And though Crying Jordan has certainly entered the online consciousness, at a certain point, everything runs its course. Remember what the most popular meme of 2012 was? No, of course not, that’s the point.

So, if there’s any justice, we could see this filter in going forward, because honestly? I’m kind of tired of Crying Jordan. I need something new. It’s expected now, and everyone just does the same sort of lazy thing with it; truly awesome photoshops get squeezed out by the quick copy-paste jobs.

It’s already working, a bit:

Perhaps the ultimate test is this:

And, frankly, I don’t think that helps! I think the cake itself is better, which is the best sign yet that it really could stand on its own.

But only time will tell.


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