Some things trend on Twitter for some weird or random reasons. Twitter users may have noticed that The Accountant has been trending and wondered why a Ben Affleck from five years ago was randomly trending.

It might seem incredibly random but there’s a pretty good reason for The Accountant to trend. For those who watch AEW, they have a special relationship with The Accountant because it seems to air a lot before Dynamite or Rampage.

Seriously, while I have never kept track, it feels like TNT either shows The Accountant or a Dwayne Johnson movie every week. Sometimes they show a Star Wars movie and there was that one time TNT aired the movie Rampage before AEW’s Rampage.

Anyway, those waiting to watch Dynamite had some fun watching the final few minutes of The Accountant once again that it got it to trend. It’s not quite the post-Super Bowl time slot but the AEW lead-in spot is valuable enough to get a bit of Twitter love.

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