The pace car crashed at the start of Sunday's Detroit Grand Prix.

Race delays because of crashes are relatively common, but it’s weird to see a delay come from the pace car crashing. That’s what happened Sunday ahead of the second race of IndyCar’s Dual in Detroit at the Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix, though.

The car was reportedly being driven by GM executive Mark Reuss at the time of the crash:

The passenger-side airbag deployed, and there was a delay while the track was cleared:

Alexander Rossi’s car went through the debris and continued on, but the others stopped. So officials then sent the other cars that did stop for the crash around to equalize the fuel. With a backup pace car.

And there was a further delay while tires were checked for debris damage:

That’s one of the more unusual starts to a race you’ll ever see.


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  1. Of course we all make fun of the douchebag with the ridiculous job title for crashing more car than he could handle (you had one job jerkoff!). However this is on indycar. Why the HELL was some over his head Ex. VP for who the hell cares driving the pace car IN THE RACE in the first place? Oh that’s right, because GM wrote em a check. Sure hope it was worth it guys. Nice work.

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