The USMNT is in Trinidad and Tobago for their last game of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying, and things have gone, well, about as poorly as they could have possibly gone.

Trinidad and Tobago is up 2-0, going up early off an Omar Gonzalez own goal:

That’s…really bad. The field isn’t in great shape, and that certainly didn’t help Gonzalez time his clearance, and it also didn’t help Tim Howard properly gather himself on his save effort, but that’s still very poor play all around.

The second Trinidadian goal came a bit later on, and it wasn’t a cheap one:

What a golazo. The United States, in contrast, hasn’t appeared threatening in the slightest, with Christian Pulisic’s harmless bouncing effort as dangerous as they managed to be throughout the half. Fortunately for the Americans, as it stands, Honduras and Panama are also losing to Mexico and Costa Rica, respectively; if results hold, the United States would still qualify for the World Cup automatically after tonight. But this is a total backing in, and if it ends up this way, with eight months to go before the World Cup, you very well might see some rumblings about a managerial change despite qualification.

And the disaster scenario of missing out entirely is still very much in play.

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