The good times seem to be at an end for MoviePass and it’s subscriber base. You’ve heard the phrase “underpromise and overdeliver?” MoviePass has basically done the opposite, promising a world of nearly free moviegoing and unlimited options, which it was able to do for a short time. However, thanks to a massive financial hole based on the fact that it can’t actually make any money, MoviePass has reorganized it’s business model, severely limiting the movies you can see and times you can see them, and generally pissing off everyone who used their service in the first place.

This past weekend, subscribers basically had a choice to either see “The Meg” or “Slenderman.” Once they either got their giant shark fix or decided neither option was all that appealing, a bunch of people attempted to cancel their MoviePass account. We say attempted because, as Business Insider notes, the service basically wouldn’t let them.

Upon canceling their accounts, certain people received an email from MoviePass informing them that they had been re-subscribed to a new plan instead.

The part in the email that explains what’s happening reads: “Please note: if you had previously requested cancellation prior to opting-in, your opt-in to the new plan will take priority and your account will not be canceled.” In other words, we’re just assuming that by canceling, you meant sign me up for a new version. Shady.

When they attempted to re-cancel their accounts, many were met with an error message, basically making it impossible to stop paying MoviePass for their service that you no longer want.

Business Insider reached out but did not get a response from MoviePass, who continues to sit in their apartment sipping coffee and muttering “this is fine” as the entire place burns around them. And as you might imagine, Twitter users are taking out their frustrations the only way they know how.

So if you’re still a MoviePass customer, you might want to consider trying to get out sooner than later. It looks like the company is going to pull every trick in the book in order to keep your money as it hemorrhages everything it has left. Otherwise, get ready to watch “Slenderman” every month for the rest of your life.


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