Chain Links: Day 28

lockoutThe lockout marches on, and you want to keep up with the details.  So every day we’re compiling the lockout related news here so you can stay informed.

Steve Nash prefers to stay home during lockout
These older stars aren’t going anywhere.  They’re saving their legs for a run at a title.   

Could the lockout result in no NBA’ers in the Olympics?
If that’s one result of the lockout, basketball fans will be ANGRY.  Its one thing to let this mess derail the NBA season.  But to cost us a shot at Olympic gold would be infuriating.  Now you’re invoking the stars & stripes and you’ll end up in a no-win situation where both sides are too greedy to represent their country.  No one wants that.

Chris Kaman announces he’ll join team Germany for the Eurobasket tourney
But that twitpic of his practice partners is so intimidating. 

Andrew Bogut joins Aussie team coaching staff
They couldn’t insure him for the tournament, so instead of playing, he’ll be a coach 

Orlando offering lockout refunds
Add ’em to the list.   

And now the latest players to bolt for a foreign team:
E’Twaun Moore 
Matt Howard

And here’s our photo of the day:  Carmelo Anthony with a Panda in China

carmelo anthonyClearly, the Panda plays no defense either.