Report: Nets Not Likely To Extend Lopez

The Janurary 25 extension deadline for players drafted in 2008 in fast approaching and if New Jersey Nets’ Brook Lopez is expecting an extension coming his way, he might want to think again.

According to ESPN, Nets GM Billy King is unlikely to offer an extension to Lopez.

“I’m sure I’ll have a conversation with his agent [Arn Tellem],” King told reporters before Wednesday night’s game against the Golden State Warriors. “But I don’t know if we’ll do anything with him at this point. I think you just have to wait. They may throw a number at you that makes sense.”

And what is the reason for this stance by King? The recent injury Lopez suffered (fractured foot).

“The injury has had an impact on it,” King said.

OK it’s not like Lopez is Greg Oden where a team doesn’t know whether or not he will return to the court. He broke his foot and will be back. Not to mention this is a player who averaged 20.4 points last season so why wouldn’t the Nets seek to extend him?

Perhaps it revolves around the team’s chances at nabbing Dwight Howard?

Remember, New Jersey was reportedly in a deal which could have landed Howard and at the forefront was Lopez. However, his injury nixed the deal.

Maybe the Nets might be waiting to structure any future deal with Lopez which could help them in any potential deal with Orlando to land Howard.

Do not forget, Howard’s personal list of teams he would like to be traded to does include New Jersey.

And in case you were wondering, Brook’s fractured foot is much better and is shooting and isn’t wearing a boot anymore.