Report: Nuggets’ Andersen being investigated by Internet Crimes Against Children task force

The Denver Nuggets are in a battle with the Los Angeles Lakers in their opening round series but for Denver’s Chris Andersen, he might be in a legal battle in the near future.

According to TMZ, Andersen is being investigated by the Internet Crimes Against Children task force in Colorado.

Law enforcement tells TMZ … the Douglas County Sheriff’s Dept. received a tip from a California law enforcement agency back in February … and finally searched Andersen’s home early this morning. We’re told officials seized property from the residence during the search.

We’re told Andersen has not been arrested — or charged with a crime.

Chris’ attorney had no comment.

This is probably the last thing the Nuggets needed but at this point in time, Andersen really needs to focus on this potential legal issue.  According to the ICCAC website, this is their aim.

The Colorado ICAC Task Force investigates persons using the Internet to attempt to engage in sexual contact with underage children, persons who send children web camera feeds of, or files displaying sexual acts, persons who download or distribute child pornography files using email or file-sharing networks.

That alone sums up the kind of hot water Chris possibly is in.  It is important to reiterate, however, that Andersen himself has not yet been arrested or charged with any wrongdoing.  He has, however, been excused from the team to deal with the situation.

Frequently, police seize computers, data storage devices and other electronics in these types of investigations.

Proving who used the device can be tricky if multiple people have access to it. Public records suggest one other person — a 30-year-old woman — may live at the Larkspur home.

The nature of this investigation is quite serious, and thus any speculation beyond the reporting of the facts will be irresponsible.  The facts are, simply, Andersen’s home and property was the focus of this investigation, and some property was seized.  We urge readers and commenters to be respectful due to the sensitive nature of this story and also not jump to any conclusions until any charges are filed and guilt is proven in court.