Knicks owner James Dolan has his Wikipedia page hijacked… again

Knicks fans are understandably unhappy about their team's 3-10 start. New York is last place in the struggling Atlantic Division after finishing with the second best record in the Eastern Conference last year. No one is quite able to put their finger on why the Knicks are struggling.

Ultimately, the buck stops with owner James Dolan and he has to find a way to make the Knicks a halfway decent team. The season is still young and the East is still really bad. So there is time.

Knicks fans will not accept that. They want results now. And they are willing to do anything to get them.

And I mean anything.

Once again, James Dolan has seen the Wikipedia page for his band, JD and the Straight Shots, hacked. According to Sam Page of Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard, Knicks fans took some liberties with the track names on several of JD's biggest hits on Wikipedia:

Extra Mustard

You have to be a pretty passionate and upset fan to go to James Dolan's Wikipedia page and make such drastic changes. Not even Isiah Thomas would make such dastardly exchanges of phrases and words. Such a cyber attack is surely unprecedented.

Except it isn't.

According to Wikipedia, Dolan's page was previously hijacked July 2012 after the Knicks opted not to retain Jeremy Lin. Dolan remains an easy target for fans who are upset over the direction of their franchise. And since Dolan is not going to change, this is how they get to him, I guess.

Wikipedia has since corrected the page information from the anonymous cyber attackers.

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