Pacers’ Hibbert: “Some selfish dudes in here”

For most of the NBA season, the Pacers looked like a juggernaut and perhaps the team to end the Heat’s reign in the East. But after a loss to the Wizards, and Cavaliers, Indiana might be losing their mental-edge and chemistry might be shaken up a bit – t least with Roy Hibbert.

After the loss to the Wizards, Hibbert vented and called out his teammates for being “selfish.”

“Some selfish dudes in here,” Roy Hibbert said on Friday night “Some selfish dudes. I’m tired of talking about it. We’ve been talking about it for a month.”

Losing to the lowly Wizards and Cavs is inexcusable for a team like the Pacers, however, this team is still relatively young and will have low moments. All teams go through this during an 82-game season. The key here is for the Pacers to learn from this.  Hibbert and the Pacers must learn to not take a game off or a loss will be in hand.

Regardless, coach Frank Vogel has to get this squad on back on track. The East may not have many powerhouse teams but Miami is still there and they will be a handful come playoffs.

And now they lead the Pacers for that coveted home-court advantage.