Charles Davis Says BCS Got it Right With LSU-Alabama

Rematch or no rematch? Count Charles Davis in favor of the rematch.

On the No 2-Minute Warning Podcast this week I spoke with Davis, lead college football analyst for FOX Sports, to recap the 2011 season in college football and the bigger stories that took up all of our time for the past few months. Naturally I had to ask him the big BCS question, which was where he stood on the issue of a rematch between the top two teams in the SEC West.

“Yeah I think ultimately they got it right,” Davis said. Since there is no rule about only one per conference, then they got it right. I know everybody is screaming and yelling about people changing their story, well you’re always going to change your story to what fit what’s best for your school at the time, aren’t you? Let’s be honest about it, if at the time playing another team from your conference doesn’t fit you, you don’t want that but for Alabama, yeah this is great! This is wonderful, but for me this is a minor issue.”

Davis talked about the two reasons he thinks people wanted to see Oklahoma State get in to the mix, including an inter-conference match-up of the Big 12 and SEC as well as the contrasting styles of play style. We don’t need to take another trip down this path but any chance you get to listen to Charles Davis address the issue, or any story in college football for that matter, I highly advise you do so.

We touched on a number of topics, including Boise State and Kansas State being snubbed by the BCS, scandals in college football form LSU to Penn State, the impact of realignment, Robert Griffin III’s Heisman season and more.

To listen to the full podcast click here.


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