Dallas Morning News Reports Craig James IS Running For The United States Senate


Two weeks ago, Crystal Ball Run was the first site to report that Craig James was leaving ESPN at the end of the year to make his long-rumored run for the United States Senate. A source close to the situation told CBR James was finishing his assignments this college football season with Bristol and then departing to run for political office. We went to James for a comment and this is what he had to say…

“There are a significant number of strong business leaders in Texas that want me to run for office,” James said in an e-mail statement to Crystal Ball Run. “But I love my current job and am heavily involved in college football and focused on my analyst responsibilities.”

At the time, James’ non-denial left us wondering whether he was indeed already planning his imminent exit from ESPN and run for office. Who else would flaunt their Texas business connections? This afternoon, it was reported by Gromer Jeffers of the Dallas Morning News that James will indeed file paperwork to enter the Republican primary in Texas for the United States Senate seat left vacant by Kay Bailey Hutchison…

No analyst in the history of sports on television has faced the amount of criticism and disdain as Craig James. Due to his unethical behavior in trying to smear Mike Leach, James was hammered throughout the college football season. So this is a day for fans to rejoice! We are free of the tyranny of Craig James! No more crappy analysis, no more hypocrisy, no more questions of legitimacy and corrupt behavior, no more voting Boise State 24th in the AP poll. Let’s hope this Senate run is the final chapter in the television career of Craig James.

As for what the campaign may hold, I wonder how much work James will do in and around Lubbock, Texas, where at last check his favorability rating was a whopping 7%! It’ll be an uphill battle for Craig James as he’s entering the Republican primary rather late in the game, there are tons of negative press already surrounding him, and he has zero political experience. All the better for us, though – he’s gone from the booth, gone from ESPN, gone from college football.

And if that news wasn’t good enough, we now get to follow CRAIG JAMES RUNNING FOR THE UNITED STATES SENATE!!! This will be great!  Craig James and politics were made for each other.  I just can’t wait to see more videos like this…

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