Big 12 Media Days Recap: Pt. 2

Yesterday was the end of Big 12 Media Days and it was also the introduction of the West Virginia Mountaineers. In part one we talked about the highlights of day one on Monday, so don’t forget to take a look at that before going forward.

SteeleThere were literally dozens of players and coaches to speak with and interview, but according to most reports no one stole the show more than the Mountaineers mascot who was posing for pictures with Samantha Steele and loaning out his ‘coon skin cap to media folks and some of the fans in attendance. He just won cool points in the mascot world if you ask me.

So with that said, let’s dive right into the deep end of day two of the Big 12 Media Day highlights. Unlike yesterday though, we’re gonna give you a look at the fan sources and what they had to say about their teams at Media Days.

West Virginia: 

Just like on day one, it was the newcomers going first with head coach Dana Holgerson taking to the podium. 

Bloguin’s own EER Insider had a great report talking about how much Holgerson’s knowledge of the Big 12 will help and how much of a fit West Virginia truly is for the conference and vice versa.



If you expected an answer to the burning question of why David Ash hasn’t been named the starter, you were either completly clueless about who Mack Brown is or just completly spitballing it, but according to Burnt Orange Nation there was no answer from him, but there were a lot of other things said about the Longhorns, so check it out.

Oklahoma State: 

Well, all the fan sites couldn’t put together anything from media day as of late Tuesday night, but Wes Lunt was a huge topic and rightfully so according to The Oklahoman. They also gave us the Best of Day 2 at the Big 12 Media Days.


As big a star as West Virginia was, it could be argued that Charlies Weis was just as big (pun intended) a star attraction. Over at Rock Chalk Talk they gave us the highlights, which included getting his statement on Penn State out before the media even had the chance to ask. (Who said this man wasn’t smart, huh?)


No RGII for Art Briles and Co. as they closed up Big 12 Media Days in Dallas, TX on Tuesday afternoon. Of course a lot of the presser were about that and Baylor Athletics were nice enough to provide us with the full presser, so enjoy:

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