Morning Playbook – The first billion is tough to make

The tweet to end all tweets…

Almost makes you wonder what T.Boone Pickens has on his iPod, does it not?

SEC meetings in Destin continued yesterday and you will be hard pressed to get every coach on the same page with scheduling. Eight games or nine games? Which rivalries will continue on an annual basis? LSU is doing what they can to get out of playing Florida every year, while Florida wants to keep LSU on the schedule. Rivalry.

Brett McMurphy of details some of the projections for a potential SEC Network, which could rival the results of the Big Ten Network (if not surpass). The same cannot be said about the Big East‘s television future.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban talks about preparing the 2012 Crimson Tide mentally for the upcoming season. He says what he was most proud of the team last year was how they responded to losing the first LSU game.

Steve Spurrier made another splash on Wednesday when he said that the SEC coaches voted unanimously to give athletes $300 per game for game-related expenses. Without trying to start up a “Should college football players be paid” argument, that seems like a good way to get around the legalities of paying athletes. I ask, what could student-athletes possibly HAVE to spend $300 on for game-day activities that is not already covered by the schools?

Meanwhile, in Kansas City, Missouri the Big 12 meetings got underway. Officially, Big 12 is in favor of a four-team playoff with a selection committee picking the four teams involved, emphasizing conference champions and the inlcusion of the top four teams in the country.

Also of note, Chuck Neinas says the current membership of the Big 12 is content with 10 schools after the additions of TCU and West Virginia this season. So put those Florida State, Clemson and Notre Dame rumors on hold for now. 

Of course, that does not mean the conference will not evaluate potential expansion options. Co-managing editor at Crystal Ball Run Allen Kenney says Texas and the Big 12 are gettin’ all game theory on ya.

So the Los Angeles Coliseum was used as the scene for an adult film in 2001. Of course, the Coliseum is home of the USC Trojans. <insert Trojan joke here> USC recently took over control of the historic stadium, but this is not something that will get the school in to any sort of trouble, as Michael Felder suggests over on Bleacher Report.

Chris Huston, better known perhaps as Heisman Pundit, joined the No 2-Minute Warning podcast to preview some of the big names in this year’s Heisman race.

The NCAA is opening an investigation in to FCS power Montana. The details of the incvestigation are not known, but surely this has to do with the recent sexual assault and harrassment reports linked to the football program recently. The U.S. Department of Education and Department of Justice already have their own investigations in to the situation.

Not sure if this is creepy or solid recruiting tactics at work, but Georgia Tech sent a recruit 52 letters in one day. David Purdum shared his thoughts here yesterday. In all seriousness, if you can’t say what you want to say in one letter…

Taking a closer look at Missouri’s new field turf.

Madtown Badgers with another football item on the College Sports Bucket List, The Civil War.

Every Day Should Be Saturday breaks down the voting for Criag James.

Jim Tressel has no regrets about his time as Ohio State’s head coach. Really? Not even one?

What highlight films from 1956 would sound like today. Land Thieves set some old-school Oklahoma footage to Riitz. Why not?

Finally, if you have the time, be sure to go back and read the Twitter timeline of our man, Michael Felder, who shows you that hawks are one of the most dangerous creatures in the world. I know I had a blast reading his bird updates yesterday, but this photo seems like a good way to top off our morning playbook…

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