2013 Bloguin Heisman Poll: Week Seven

After the third week of the Bloguin Heisman Poll, it seems we have a couple of candidates distancing themselves from the pack. Who improved their stock this week and who saw their Heisman chances take a hit?

What you'll see each week in the Bloguin Heisman Poll:

* The top total vote getters and quotes from bloggers in support of their candidate

* A list of all players receiving votes

* Poll notes that look at some interesting facts, figures and trends of the poll

* The BHP Roll Call of voters, the links to their respective blogs and twitter accounts

Without any further adieu, the Bloguin Heisman Poll…

1) Marcus Mariota (QB- Oregon) – 21 points, 38.89% of votes, 5 first place votes

Last Week BHP Ranking: #1

Last Week: 24 of 31 for 366 yds with 3 TD and 0 INT, 88 yds rushing and 1 rushing TD

Season: 100 of 165 (60.6%) for 1,724 yards with 17 TD and 0 INT, 426 yds rushing and 8 rushing TDs

This Week: at #16 Washington State (4-3)

* Watching Mariota is just unreal. The guy has a cannon for an arm, makes great decisions and can run with the best running backs out there. To me, this season he's shown he's the complete package and on Saturday that was on full display in the toughest game Oregon has played all season. 

– Andrew Coppens- Crystal Ball RunMadtown Badgers

* Mariota ascended to the top this week after his dominating performance against Washington. Mariota has yet to throw an interception this season and leads all of college football with 10.4 rushing yards per attempt. Mariota looks like a polished passer and runner even as a redshirt freshman. 

– Jonathan Biles, Crystal Ball Run

2) Johnny Manziel (QB- Texas A&M) – 16 points, 29.63% of votes, 3 first place votes

Last Week BHP Ranking: #3

Last Week: 31 of 39 passing for 346 yards with 0 TD and 1 INT, 113 yards rushing and 2 rushing TDs

Season: 179 attempts/131 completions (73.2%) for 1835 yards passing with 14 TD and 5 INT, QB rating of 179.51, 427 yds rushing and 5 rushing TDs

This Week: vs #24 Auburn (5-1)

* I was initially hesitant to go with Manziel as my top Heisman candidate, but I just cannot defend not putting him on top of my ballot right now. At times he does make mistakes, and I hate seeing him running with the football in his one hand away from his body as often as he does, but when the Aggies need a play to be made, Manziel delivers. Right now he is college football's top playmaker and I'm not sure that's even a close race.

– Kevin McGuire, Crystal Ball Run

3) Tajh Boyd (QB- Clemson)- 6 points, 11.11% of votes, 1 first place vote

Last Week BHP Ranking: #2

Last Week: 30 of 44 for 334 yds passing with 1 TD, 33 yards rushing with 1 rushing TD

Season: 123 of 185 (66.5% completions) for 1783 yds passing with 15 TD and 2 INT, 172.05 QB rating, 187 yds rushing with 5 rushing TDs

This Week: vs #5 FSU (5-0)

4) Jameis Winston (QB- FSU)- 5 points, 9.26% of votes

Last Week BHP Ranking: #5

Last Week: Bye

Season: 90 of 123 for 1,441 yds passing (73.2% completions) with 17 TD and 2 INT, 135 yds rushing, 2 rushing TD

This Week: at #3 Clemson (6-0)


Also receiving votes: Melvin Gordon (RB- Wisconsin) 2 pts, Bryce Petty (QB- Baylor) 2 pts), Sean Mannion (QB- Oregon State) 1 pt, Lache Seastrunk (RB- Baylor) 1 pt

Dropped Out:  Aaron Murray (QB- Georgia), Jordan Lynch (QB- NIU)

Poll Notes

– In our 2011 poll, after week seven Stanford's Andrew Luck maintained his lead with 27.78% of the vote. Russell Wilson was second with 25.56% and Trent Richardson was third with 20%. At that point, RG3 was out of the top five as he received four points for the week.

– In our 2012 poll, after week seven West Virginia's Geno Smith was still in control of the poll but was starting to slip as he moved from 48% in week six to 37.88% in week seven.had a firm grasp on the Heisman as he increased his share of the vote from 46.05% to 48%. As of that point, Johnny Manziel was starting to gain a small bit of traction as he received two points.

– Out of sight, out of mind? In last weeks poll both Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater lost traction due to having off weeks. This week, Jameis Winston was off and he lost a little in percentage points but actually moved up one spot because of Aaron Murray falling out of the poll.

– The game to watch this week that will have the biggest impact on the Heisman Poll? Easy, it's Florida State at Clemson as Heisman candidates Jameis Winston and Tajh Boyd face off. 

– Marcus Mariota plays an improved Washington State team this weekend. They are currently eight in the Pac-12 in pass defense and seventh in the conference in rushing defense. 

– Johnny Manziel returns to College Station as his Aggies take on Auburn. Auburn is currently eleventh in the SEC in pass defense and eighth in rushing defense. 


Bloguin Heisman Poll Roll Call

Aaron Torres- Crystal Ball Run (@aaron_torres)

Andrew Coppens- Crystal Ball Run, Madtown Badgers (@andycoppens)

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Hamilton Riley- Lambeth Field (@lambethfield)

Jonathan Biles- Crystal Ball Run (@Jonathan_Biles)

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Kevin Causey- College Football Zealots, Crystal Ball Run (@CFBZ)

Kevin McGuire- Crystal Ball Run (@kevinoncfb)

Scott- Bearcats Blog (@bearcatsblog)

Tom Perry- Crystal Ball Run, Eye and Eer (@eyeandeer)

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