Texas A&M president shows sense of humor with fans

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel created a stir with some of his on-field antics in a second half debut performance against Rice last week. When Manziel was not leading the Aggies to a touchdown, he may have been found making some symbolic hand gestures. One of those gestures saw Manziel rubbing his fingers today in a motion generally accepted to refer to money (dollar bills, yo).

Throughout the process of Manziel and Texas A&M being investigated by the NCAA for alleged violations of NCAA rules away from the field this off-season, the university remained confident in their program's and Manziel's status leading up to the start of the year. Texas A&M President R. Bowen Loftin has never been one to shy away from shedding a light hearted attitude even during tough times, and this latest photo continues that trend.

Loftin posed for a photo with some Aggie fans and he mimicked Manziel's money gesture for the camera with a smile. The photo of Loftin was taken with a pair of Aggie fans outside the student center (believed to be  last Saturday, after A&M had defeated Rice in the season opener). Manziel tossed three touchdowns before being removed from the game to cool his hot head in a game that appeared to have been pretty much decided.

So, what kind of sense of humor does your university president have?

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