CBR HUNH: Brent Musburger, Alcohol and Saban Snipers

Aaron Murray for Governor?

Welcome to the first edition of Crystal Ball Run's "Hurry Up No Huddle". What is the CBR HUNH, you ask? It's similar to what this site's "other Kevin" (McGuire) was doing with the Morning Playbook but since he's on vacation, I figured it's time for the inmates to run the asylum for a bit. Anyway, the CBR HUNH is a quick look around the world of college football and some of the biggest stories, best content (and sometimes worst content), viral videos and opinions. I don't know how often the CBR HUNH will make it's appearance so if you like it then send me some feedback in the comments or on the Twitta. Let's get started and throw the rock around the yard a little….

The big news of the day was the SEC announcing the SEC Network's lead announcing team [story link: Awful Announcing]. Many fans see this as good news, bad news. Brent Musburger is a more than solid get by the SEC Network as he's been a top college football announcer for years but Jesse Palmer is not a crowd favorite. I'm not a Palmer fan, but I also don't dislike him as much as the majority of CFB fans so I'm interested to see how they work out as a team. 

ESPN's Edward Aschoff shows why he makes the big bucks as he touts Robert Nkemdiche (247 Sports #1 overall prospect from the 2013 class) and Chris Jones (247 Sports #2 overall prospect from the 2013 class) as "one's to watch". I know finding stuff to write about in the off-season is tough, but this is a little ridiculous. Can't wait for his take on how Jameis Winston, Todd Gurley or Brett Hundley might "break out" this season or maybe Chris Mortensen will have a follow-up piece on how Tom Brady might be pretty good [story link]. 

Greg Doyle has a great article on Harris Wilson Jr (AKA Coach Black) of Northwestern State. Instead of hitting the last link, hit this one [story link].

Do you miss college football? Here's a bit of the LSU spring practice from March 11th

The SEC is reviewing it's alcohol policy for off-campus games. We recently talked about Texas getting into the booze business and here's another example of college sports going in that direction. With fans having so many options available for where watch the game they want, I think you have to give the fans what they want and having their alcoholic beverage of choice is a step in that direction. [story link]

Oklahoma assistant Cale Gundy chimed in with the tweet of the day before he deleted it as he took a shot at Nick Saban. I guess if you are Cale, you better take the shots while you can [story link]. I wonder what his brother Mike thinks about this. Are you still a man (he's 40!) if you delete your tweets. Come on' Cale, you finally did something interesting and then you had to go and backtrack.

Butch Jones has some pretty big ambitions for Tennessee's spring game. 

Ambition is great, but he might want to square up that offensive line first.

If you are an NFL Draft fan, make sure you check out Optimum Scouting on a daily basis. Check out their latest round-up of pro day's including Alabama and USC. [story link]

College Basketball is heating up with the conference tournaments this week. Make sure to check out our buddy, Matt Zemek, and the crew over at Run the Floor. One of the more interesting tournaments this year is the SEC tournament (insert SEC sucks at basketball joke here). Florida has been dominant this year and the conference might only get two teams in the Big Dance but there are a lot of desperate teams that will be playing for a lot this weekend and it could produce some interesting results. Check out who Scott King thinks will cut down the nets in "Catlanta" this weekend [story link]. As a Georgia fan, let's hope Scott is wrong and Georgia makes another run through Atlanta that doesn't include a tornado.

I have been doing college football team previews for the past few years so I know what a grind it can be. It caught me a little by surprise when I noticed that SB Nation's Bill Connelly was already knee deep in his 2014 MAC Previews. Bill does as good of a job as anybody with these previews and he no doubt has the best free previews on the net. Give 'em a read and then show off your nerdy college football MAC knowledge to all of your friends [MAC Preview links].

Winning a National Championship not only gives you notoriety, but it gives you $$$$ and FSU is putting some of that to use

The guys at Terrapin Beer Company in Athens, Georgia made some news this past year by doing not one but two collaborations in honor of college football rivalries. They created the 35th Parallel Ale (with Knoxville's Saw Works Brewing) in honor of the Georgia/Tennessee border war and released it the week of the game and then they created Bitter Rivalry (with Swamp Head Brewery) in honor of the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party". In honor of their love for college football and it's rivalries I'll share my love for one of their seasonal beers. Hopzilla is back on the market. It packs a punch (at 10.3% ABV) but is extremely drinkable. If you live within Terrapin's ten state market make sure you pick it up while it's in the stores.

Last but not least, let's take a stroll down memory lane and take a look at the night Baylor shocked the world as RG3 stuck a dagger through Bob Stoops heart and on the very same play won the Heisman Trophy…

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