CBR’s favorite college football websites

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are a pretty big football fan, so are we. We write about the sport that we love but we also enjoy seeking out information and knowledge pertaining to college football. Writing and curating a website takes time and passion and since it’s the off-season, we thought it would be the perfect time to share our apprecitation for some of our favorite college football sites by sharing them with you.

Here are the sites that Crystal Ball Run gives it’s highest recommendation to….


At the top of this website, it touts itself as “The Ultimate Site for College Football Junkies” and I have to agree. During the college football season, this site is a daily visit for me. As I was growing up I was a huge fan of reading the paper and digging into the “box score”. This takes me back to those days. The amount of statistics available from this site is fantastic (recommended by @CFBZ).

FBS Schedules

This is your go-to resource for anything related to football schedules. Helmet schedules, spring schedules, bowl schedules, tv schedules, this years schedule, previous schedules…it’s all here and it’s tremendously easy to navigate (recommended by @KevinonCFB).

Football Study Hall

This is Bill Connelly’s brain child and it’s essentially a deep dive into the realm of advance statistics in college football. Advanced stats have become popular in baseball, but they haven’t really taken off yet in college football. This is a site that is at the forefront of that movement. It’s a great way to look at the game behind the game (recommended by @CFBZ).

Get the Picture

I generally skip the Georgia stuff, but Senator Blutarsky is one of my favorite commentators when it comes to the larger trends and themes that influence college football. He has a knack for making his points in short, digestible posts that are informative without meandering. All in all, it’s a great site (recommended by @BlatantHomerism).


Are you a fan of the history of college football? This is an interesting database to look up all-time series history with nice breakdowns for series records (recommended by: @KevinonCFB)

Reddit CFB

Generally speaking, I’m not a “message board” guy but reddit is a fascinating way to keep up with what is current in college football. In addition to helping you be “in the know”, Reddit’s best feature is probably their AMA (Ask Me Anything) series which has recently featured the likes of Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury and Penn State assistant Herb Hand (recommended by @CFBZ).

Solid Verbal

Dan and Ty have the preeminent college football podcast in the land. We can debate over the quality of their “locks of the week” all day but for our money (yeah, yeah I know it’s a free show) this podcast is a must listen each week which also makes the site a must visit for true college football fans (recommended by @CFBZ).


Twitter is a great way to follow your college football team throughout the season. Create a “list” and add all of your favorite twitter accounts for your team into that list and it will provide you with the best single source that you need to follow your team throughout the season. It also provides a great way to keep in touch with other fans and to eavesdrop on the enemy. If you are not on Twitter at this point, then you are doing it wrong (recommended by @CFBZ)


I can’t imagine growing up in a world that has access to as much digital content as we have now. Youtube is a fantastic resource for the fan that loves the history of college football or the fan that likes to delve deep into their team. Relive your schools greatest moments, biggest games or preview their upcoming season and hear interviews with the players (recommended by @CFBZ).

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