Flashback Friday: Too many men on the field

On Wednesday, former LSU Tigers offensive lineman T-Bob Hebert took part in a Reddit AMA and a question came up about the 2010 LSU/Tennessee game.

The 2-2 Tennessee Vols led the undefeated #12 LSU Tigers by a score of 14-10 late in the fourth quarter. With LSU inside the Vols five yard line and time running out, here’s what happened….

All you can say about that is….wow.

Here’s what T-Bob had to say about his part…..

Let it be known that I got UNBELIEVABLY LUCKY that we won this game. I didn’t snap the ball because I knew they had 13 people on the field I just did it because the clock was going to run out. The craziest part is I had a true Luke Skywalker moment where I saw Will Blackwell’s head appear and yell at me to snap the ball. The reason was he had made fun of me for a year because I didn’t snap it against Ole Miss the year previously and we lost. The confusion was that we didn’t have a play called. We called a running play with zero timeouts and now way to stop the clock however normally you would have an immediately follow up play called, but we did not. After we got snapped there we’re multiple formations being signaled in and to this day I am not sure how we were in a legal formation, but sometimes its better to be lucky than good. The emotional U turn that took place was one of the most intense experiences of my life. To go from losing the game to then having a chance to win it in a winner take all 0:00 left on the clock situation, and then following through and getting in the end zone was spectacular. I had like 13 family members there too including my sisters who never got to go because they lived in California. Amazing memory will carry it with me forever.

Also, Jarrett is the real hero of that game. Came in cold on 4th and 18 and got us a first down… thats crazy.

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