HUNH: Cats, Bag Men, the Tallahassee PD and the Draft

Each Thursday we take a look around the world of college football and check out some of the biggest stories, best content (and sometimes worst), videos and opinions.

The talk of the sports world on Saturday was none other than the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Bo Pelini. But this time it wasn’t because of something that happened during a press conference. It was because of Pelini and his cat….yes his cat. Here’s the video….

From Bo Pelini and his cat, we move onto something much more serious, the handling of the Jameis Winston accusations by the Tallahassee PD and the Florida State athletic department. Walt Bogdanich paints a picture of an inept police department and investigation and paints Winston in an extremely negative light [story link].

The NFL Draft is coming up and that means that future NFL QBs are being broken down like never before. Awful Announcing discusses the love/hate relationship between Ron Jaworski and former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel [story link]

Speaking of the NFL Draft, there is a really solid group of “second tier” QBs like Aaron Murray, AJ McCarron, Tom Savage and Zach Mettenberger. The guys from talk about which one will end up having the best NFL career [story link]

Did I mention the NFL Draft is coming up…..

This was apparently the week for teams to rebrand their uniforms. Ian over at Mo Better Shoes has us covered as he takes a look at the new uniforms for FSU, Illinois, Miami and Syracuse. takes a look at ten teams that should go back to their old uniforms [story link].

Here’s everybody’s favorite Offensive Coordinator, Lane Kiffin, at practice (h/t

SB Nation’s Steven Godfrey wrote an incredibly interesting piece on how a bag man buys college football players [story link]

Ever wonder what it would be like to be the father of a 5-star recruit during the recruiting process? Adam Kramer has us covered [story link].

Former Georgia Bulldogs LB Chase Vasser has apparently landed some screen time on two of my favorite TV shows, the Walking Dead and Suits [story link].

For our pop culture minute, head over to a facebook page called Awful Reviews that features movie posters and one liners from one-star Amazon reviews (h/t Film Drunk). Here’s one of the best examples….


There is no beer of the week this week but I will give you a brewery of the week. If you are out in the local package store or grocery store, grab something from Founders. They are solid from top to bottom no matter what brew you grab from them.

If you have some time to kill while you are waiting for next weeks HUNH, take a look at some of these NFL Doppelgangers [story link]

Marino Hasselhoff

or you could read Grantland’s piece on the great Elmore Leonard [story link].


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