HUNH: Crootin, Swag and QB worth

After a week off we are back to take a look around the world of college football and check out some of the biggest stories, best content (and sometimes worst), videos and opinions here in our weekly Hurry Up No Huddle around college football.

Let’s start off with some “absurb” recruiting tactics from Sports Illustrated. How about sending a letter to a recruits cat, taking a ride in a “swagcopter” or a certain former Kentucky head coach’s use of photoshop. Check them out and you too can see just how silly coaches can get when they are chasing their guy. With the creativity in some of these, it would be interesting to know how they woo’d their wives back in the day. [story link]

Five Thirty Eight has an interesting article about the worth of the college quarterback. One interesting thing is that Johnny Manziel is fifth on the list. Maybe more interestingly Dak Prescott is ninth. I think that result might be enough to re-think the model used in this article. [story link].

Former Georgia and Marshall head football coach Jim Donnan was found not-guilty of “41 counts of conspiracy, wire fraud, securities fraud and money laundering” which would have cost him a long stay in the pokey. But that doesn’t stop the AJC’s Jeff Schultz from getting in this parting shot on Donnan, “Donnan never won this big on a football field”. [story link]

The guys over at Football Study Hall have the results of their charting project. Warning…only college football nerds are allowed at this link. [story link] And with the use of some of that data, they looked at whether certain kinds of passes were more likely to be intercepted. [story link]

ESPN has 100 numbers you need to know [story link]

Mr CFB has 14 SEC post-spring practice football previews for you [story link]

Here’s a pretty good idea that is coming soon…

I mean, let’s be real for a second…if you can’t get above a 2.3 in high school you really don’t stand much of a chance in college without some kind of fundamental change in what you are doing.

We have a couple of feel good stories this week, both of which come out of Tulane. First we have a legally blind long snapper who is walking on for the Green Wave. Here’s the story of Aaron Golub [story link]. Next is the story of Devon Walker, who you may remember was paralyzed in 2012. Despite everything he’s been through, Walker graduated this past Saturday [story link].

Georgia already has Todd Gurley at RB and Keith Marshall will be coming back from injury as well. But what about incoming frosh Nick Chubb. Here’s a tweet from Radi Nabulsi in which Chubb shows off his unreal vertical….

The video of the week is Brett Hundley as UCLA’s “Campus Enforcer”…

For the pop culture minute, take a look at this side by side comparison with the final cut of a scene and it’s green screen. [story link]

No beer of the week this week. I’ve been enjoying the local brews and don’t want to keep shoving them at you so my suggestion is to make sure you pick up something from your neck of the woods this week, it may surprise you. Instead of a beer of the week, go ahead and take a look at the drunkest countries in the world. [story link]

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